Dr. Sabine Calvo

AGVP, Customer Performance & CAE/Test Engineering, Renault

ADAS & Autonomous vehicles – a major testing challenge for the automotive industry 

Dr. Sabine Calvo is Alliance Global Vice President at the Renault Nissan Alliance, in charge of the Vehicle synthesis, digital, testing, Certification and Materials Engineering Division. After her degree in Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, she was graduated with a PhD in Engine combustion and joined Renault at the Advanced Engineering Division in 1998. She spent half of her career at the Powertrain Division with responsibilities in Customer Performance and Validations for ICE and Electrified developments. Then she moved to Vehicle Engineering development to lead breakthrough programs on Validations and digital acceleration for new technologies and support Engineering transformation through her responsibility as AGVP.
She was nominated at the Industry Women Prize in 2015 for her work in automotive validation by L’USINENOUVELLE.

DSC2021_Sabine Calvo