Product solutions papers are available in a readable form for DSC Europe 2021 participants. Password to acess the product solutions is available in the DSC 2021 App, in the About section.

DiL Simulation

Ansible Motion Delta S3 DIL simulator
Cammaerts Kia (Ansible Motion), Farmer Gavin

An Introduction to Dynisma Motion Generator Technology
Ashley Warne (Dynisma Ltd), Matthew Bell, Daniel Ward, James Golding, Simon Jelley, Joshua Bell

Multisensorial Harmonized Perception as Key Design Target for Driving Simulators
Minen Diego (VI-grade), Bruschetta Mattia

HiL ViL Simulation

CONiX HiL Solution for validation by simulation
Führmann Johann (b-plus automotive GmbH), Eggl Bernd

XIL Augmented virtual simulation
Vergnaud Jérémy (UTAC CERAM), Duban Astrid, Chabin Hugo

MiL SiL Simulation

Secure and verified autonomous car architecture
Klaudel Witold (SystemX), Yaich Reda, Foyer Bruno

C-ITS security services: implementation development and evaluation
Lonc Brigitte (IRT SystemX) Kaiser Arnaud, Bakhti Hafeda

Integrating simulation with the MBSE approach to increase product performances
Grimberg Patrick (Digital Product Simulation (D.P.S)) , Vignon Clément, Marguet Nathan, Sohier Henri (IRT SystemX)

Simulation Design and Architecture

Automotive Ultrasonic System Simulation Using a Shooting and Bouncing Rays Solver: A Proof of Concept
Guenther Hasna (Ansys), Alexander Suhre, Amazir Moknache, Frank Ehmann, Nicolas Bellaize, Benoit Heraud, Yichen Qian, Richard Rapp

FTire – Full tire dynamics in Real-Time on driving simulators
Benjamin Rieff (Cosin Scientific Software AG), Michael Gipser

GPU accelerated raytracing for realistic sensor simulation
Caius Seiger (dSPACE GmbH), Philipp Meyer, Michael Epping