The conference will be hosting visits to two on-site simulators:

  • BMW Research & Development Center Munich – Visit of the Driving Simulator Center including a presentation of the Motorcycle Simulator

  •  TUM Garching Campus – Visit of the Truck Driving Simulators as well as other simulators (tbc).

The simulator visits will be held on the 16th of September 2021, during the third day of the Conference. Beforehand, participants must register from 4 different time slots to participate in the visits (during purchase of conference ticket).

Please note that the number of participants for each group is limited to 20 participants. Places will be granted on a “first come, first served” basis.

For more information, consult the program for the DSC Europe VR 2021.

[Group A]

8:30am : Transit bus to BMW

9:15am : BMW Site visit

10:30am : Transit bus to TUM

11:15am : TUM Site visit

[Group B]

8:45am : TUM Site Visit

10am : Transit bus to BMW

10:45am : BMW Site Visit

12pm : Transit bus to TUM

[Group C]

12:45pm : Transit bus to BMW

1:30pm : BMW Site visit

2:45pm : Transit bus to TUM

3:30pm : TUM Site visit

[Group D]

1pm : TUM Site Visit

2:15pm : Transit bus to BMW

3pm : BMW Site Visit

4:15pm : Transit bus to TUM