Industrial Pitchs

Jean-Charles LE GALL (Business development – ITS WorldWide, Opal-RT)

“How to democratize the AD simulation?”


Thomas Nguyen (Automotive domain Director, AV Simulation)

“Digital continuity how simulation can accelerate development and validation of advanced vehicle systems”


Bernhard Mueller-Bessler (Managing Director, VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH)

“Hexagon’s Journey from Environment Simulation to Autonomous Vehicle Validation”


Bastiaan Graafland (Product Manager, Cruden)

“The benefits of LED-wall visuals for DIL simulation”


Stephan Kussmaul (Managing Director, TrianGraphics)

“3D Content Creation for ADAS Validation”


Rik de Swart (Sales Consultant Large Projects, Bosch Rexroth BV)

“Building, Testing & Delivering an Advanced Driving Simulator Motion System”


Marius Dupuis (SimCert)

“Claims and Facts – Rating Simulation Solutions”


Laurette Guyonvarch (R&AE Strategy Plan Manager, Renault)

“ADScene, towards an industrial scenarios plateform for Driving Assistance Systems design & validation”


Luca Gasbarro (CEO, AnteMotion)

“Digital Siblings for ADAS simulation – HERE HD Maps to OpenDRIVE & Procedural Modeling”